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Personalised Badges

Gravoply are our most popular type of badges. They are made from blended acrylic sheets, onto the face of which is overprinted your company logo, with the individuals name being precision engraved through the front sheet to expose the backing. Edges can be bevelled or rounded and the resulting badge provides a quality form of recognition which, with the individuals name having been engraved, gives the wearer a feeling of permanence and worth within the company.


Who chooses gravoply? Companies of all sizes and with low or high staff turnover choose the gravoply badges as a high quality form of personal and corporate recognition. One of the great things about gravoply badges from Quality Badge is that you can order more than you need at the time and we will hold the balance for you in "stock"- you can then call/ e-mail us with new names as and when you need them. If you choose this option you can always have the blank badges yourselves, there is no charge for holding badges in stock, and no engraving or delivery costs. Our free stock system saves you on the cost of reprinting small orders of badges and most names can be engraved and sent out on the day of request.


Possible sizes- the choice is yours. We will help you decide considering your logo design and the number of lines to be engraved.


Colours- company logos can be overprinted in 1,2,3 or 4 colours (4 colour process is also possible).


Engraving- our computerised precision engraving machines on site mean a fast delivery of all personalised badges. One line of engraving or 2, a choice of different fonts- talk to us to find out the best combinations for your needs.


Choice of fittings- the full range of fittings is available, from pins and clips to magnets.


Popular extras- many of our clients have chosen to have an acrylic dome put onto the face of the badge. The dome accentuates the colours in a design and increases even further the individuals sense of worth and permanence within the company. (see acyrlic dome badge below)


Badges without logos- If you do not have a particular company logo, or are quite happy with one of our fonts to display the company name, then this provides a very cost effective method of providing staff with high quality identification.