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What will it cost?

Quality Badge provides a personalised service resulting in a product that will meet your specific needs. It is therefore not feasible for us to specify a price list. So, we invite you to email or call us to discuss your requirements. However, there are some important factors that will determine the costs, and it will be helpful if you could give them some consideration in advance of a call.


  • Your logo will enhance the impact of your badge. Do you want your logo on the badge and how many colours do you have in the logo?

  • How many badges do you expect to order - initially and on a topping up basis with smaller orders?

  • The number of lines of engraving is a factor. Do you, for example, want the name of individuals and their position on the badge?

  • Magnets are increasingly preferred to clips or pins for attachment. You may prefer to incur the extra cost for all or just female employees.

  • The size of the badge may be determined by the need to accommodate a logo and two lines of engraving, but you may have other needs on size and shape of badge that will influence costs.


Please do contact us to clarify your requirement.